Shark Blast Game Screenshot

"Easy to Play,
Hard to Master"

Baby Shark Games is a subsidiary of Smart Study.

It is a casual game studio that develops and services games using 'Baby Shark' and various IPs. Our games are fun and casual games for children and the whole family to enjoy.

Starting with the puzzle game 'Shark Blast', we will develop and service various fun games to make 'Baby Shark' a powerhouse in casual games. Furthermore, our goal is to grow into Korea's No.1 casual game studio.

Shark Blast

YouTube's No. 1 'Baby Shark' is back with an easy and fun blast puzzle game. Enjoy an exciting puzzle adventure with 'Baby Shark'.

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We are made up of veterans who have developed and serviced
'Kartrider', 'B&B', and 'Bubble Fighter'.
We are looking for talented people to create Korea's No.1 casual game studio with us!

Serious about game development

You must have the persistence and passion to continue polishing until you get a quality result worthy of Korea's No.1

Good communication

Game development, especially for quality results, requires constant discussions with members. That is why communication skills are essential.

Fast execution power

No one knows the right answer from the start. We aim to apply it quickly rather than worrying about it for a long time and then polish it quickly through data.